America Incorporated

America was lost to us in 1871, when our corrupt politicians sold us out to the King of England. The very same King that we defeated in 1776, found a way to tax us by having our politician borrow money from England in exchange for rewriting our Constitution and classifying America as a Corporation. Up until 2020 we have paid interest in the form of Income taxes to the Crown because of this diabolical betrayal by our own government. And worse later following World War one we borrowed even more money and allowed the creation of the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and the CIA. These safeguards were set up to control us on behalf of the Crown and a evil Global Financial Cabal.  These treasonous politicians in the dark and behind our backs, secretly changed laws, without our consent, and used the IRS to control and tax us. At the same time the CIA was controlling the Press, Hollywood, and the Mainstream Media. They used these mediums to dumb us down and distract us from what's really going on in our government. This series of videos shows exactly how it was all done.... But these videos also show how President Donald Trump and MANY Patriotic Americans, that have risked and LOST their lives, have SAVED The REPUBLIC of the United States from this evil plot!!!