10 Ways the 2020 Presidential Election Has Been Seriously Compromised

When you log into Instagram or Facebook, you may see the following message:

"Voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the US, election experts confirm. As vote counting continues, experts & officials say there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. The election process is secure and voter fraud of any type is incredibly rare according to the Associated Press & Reuters. Officials and experts warn that the most interference in US elections, whether from foreign or domestic players, comes in the form of misinformation campaigns, many of which are intended to create distrust in the US's electoral process."

Additionally, when President Trump tweets, his message is either blocked completely or marked conspicuously with the comment "This claim about election fraud is disputed" or "Learn how voting by mail is safe and secure."

Despite Big Tech & Media's truly atrocious attempts to slam a certain message down our throats, here are 10 ways the 2020 US Elections were seriously compromised. (Evidence gets more damning as you go down the list!)

10. Ballot Harvesting. Ballot harvesting, which is illegal in many countries including the United States, left the door wide open to the entire process being compromised. Ballot Harvesting occurs when a third party takes your ballot from you and claims to deliver it to the polls. In Pennsylvania for instance, one of the most disputed swing states in the election, ballot harvesting is illegal. However, there have been reports of ballot harvesting occurring there as well as many other states.

One video was shown on The Hannity Show of a female volunteer picking up ballots of elderly residents in Texas. She apparently reviewed the ballot of the elderly woman and informed her that she had intended to vote straight democrat, but that she had voted for John Cornyn, who was a Republican. She then suggested the lady change her vote. This sort of activity is illegal in most developed countries, yet it has been happening all over the US. These sorts of activities leave the door wide open to obtaining unfilled ballots and filling them with your predesigned candidate.

In fact, Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar was found to have illegally harvested ballots to win her race in MN. To this day Ilhan still sits in her office, unpunished for this fraud. “They have perfected this system,” a whistleblower operative of Omar said. “They will tell you, ‘We are applying for your ballot.’ They take a picture of your Social Security and your driver’s license. They have a database. When the ballot comes, they track it. Sometimes, they make fake emails. They track the ballot. Then they come and pick up the ballot, unopened . . ."

In most developed countries using mail-in voting, the ballot needs to be requested personally, and either postmarked by certified mail at least 3 days before election day or delivered personally at the polling place with ID. This practice was not consistently adhered to in the US. Hopefully, the current lawsuits in PA, AZ, GA, NV, and MI will uncover and invalidate any votes procured by this illegal and fraudulent method.

9. Fraudulent ballots were, and are still being, counted. Some of the main ways this occurs is filling out a blank ballot with people who have already died, or a duplicate from a different address to where you currently live. Moreover, we still don't have an indication of the tracking systems between states that can detect whether a person voted twice (once in person and once via mail-in ballot), so the amount of people who may have managed to vote at least twice during this election is still to be determined.

I see dead people.... voting.

The Philly GOP noted on Nov 7, 2020: "These are some of the people who voted in #PA...

- 840 were 101 years old or older

- 39 lived through the Civil War

- 45 were born in the 1800s"

Additionally, people not voting where they are living. This is illegal. Everyone must register to vote and vote where they live, or else it makes it easier to commit fraud. In a preliminary audit of the Nevada vote count, it was determined that at least 9,000 ballots received were not even from people living in the state. These should be invalidated in court, as the Trump campaign has lawsuits pending in that state.

There have also been many mail-in ballots that were counted without any verified signature. According to the Nevada GOP, a whistleblower came forward in Clark County saying they witnessed mail-in ballots being counted without signatures being verified. In Georgia, a recount was authorized, however there still were not sufficient Republican poll watchers monitoring the recount, and signatures were not being verified as well. In Clark's County, during the recount, approximately 2,700 uncounted ballots were found, most of which were for President Trump. The recount currently does not authenticate the ballot signatures, which makes the process meaningless, because it would be simply recounting fraudulent votes.

NBC Los Angeles recently reported that two men were charged with voter fraud as they allegedly submitted thousands of fraudulent applications on behalf of homeless people. They were charged on a 41 count criminal complaint.

In mid-November, the topic "Maidengate" was trending on Twitter, acknowledging the tens of thousands of fraudulent votes entered on behalf of people's maiden names. Just by checking the maiden name of someone you know in the 2020 election voting records, it is very likely that you or someone you know may have voted as your maiden name. It is very easy to request a ballot to be sent to someone's maiden name, as their name is likely still active on voting records.

8. Unethical poll workers and USPS employees acting without repercussions. According to Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit, a self-described Democrat Party worker in Detriot, MI, Kiel Foxton, bragged on Facebook: "I threw out every Trump ballot I saw. Tens of thousands of them and so did all my co-workers."

There have been many instances reported of Trump ballots found in a ditch, in a river, under rocks, or in dumpsters, never to have arrived to be counted.

In Detroit, poll workers barricaded the vote-count area with plywood to prevent watchers from monitoring them counting the votes. There was literally no way for anyone to verify how they were counting the votes in there.

Chuck Callesto noted on November 8, 2020 that "poll workers in Wisconsin may have unlawfully altered thousands of mail-in ballots by filling in witness addresses due to guidance from the Wisconsin Elections Commission".

The Michigan GOP chair says that "ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans."

7. Late Night Ballot Dumps & Mysterious Halts in Vote Counting

Vote counting halted mysteriously for WI and MI on election night, around 2AM ET when President Trump gave a speech by Twitter to the public, then around 4AM that morning when everyone had gone to sleep, slew of ballots were "found" in WI and MI, almost 100% of them for Biden.

There have been many reports and whistleblowers on affidavit stepping up. Chuck Callesto reported that a Detriot poll watcher noted that at 4:30AM on November 4 "tens of thousands of ballots" were delivered from out of state. "Unlike the other ballots, these boxes were brought from the rear of the room.... I specifically noticed that every ballot I observed was cast for Joe Biden." Without standard operating hours and protocol, as well as adequate poll watchers, it is so easy to transfer ballots and capture illegally harvested ballots to make them look legal.

Credit: Internet. DM for credit or take down. This meme is satire.

6. Voting commenced early and was allowed to end late. Having a wide time frame to vote (in some cases a month) leaves the process open to misplace or miscount ballots, for a hacker or computer system to change your in-person vote (see #2), and for voters to change their minds after hearing new information. In fact, many people even voted before hearing the presidential debates, which compromises the election, because more people would be voting without having important information. Many people who voted early actually wanted to change their vote to Trump after hearing the presidential debates. It's always important to vote based on the facts and how the candidates debate and present their platform, rather than what you read in fake news media, or your "feeling" about a candidate.

In addition to allowing a wide margin for early voting, some states voted to allow ballots arriving past Election Day, November 3, to count in the mix as well. Project Veritas has compiled a slew of USPS whistleblowers revealing that their managers ordered them to backdate ballots arriving past Nov 3 to Election Day, in order for them to be counted. Due to many states not finishing their count on election night, and some states ruling that ballots received after election day would still be counted, this sort of action would be difficult to detect. This is extremely fraudulent because people could see the results of the election, and find empty ballots to fill out and bring to the post office which would be backdated by the employees, thereby influencing the election results.

The hours for vote counting should be standardized and held consistent for all members. In fact, there are affidavits under penalty of purgery which state that Republican poll watchers were made to go home at 1030, but the vote count resumed until 130AM. Some states such as North Carolina made the request to have their votes counted by November 12. That's 9 days after Election Day! Imagine what "surprise" ballots can come up, or what they can do with all that time. Some states like PA had unconstitutionally allowed ballots to be received days after election day, initially even if they were not postmarked by Nov 3. In effect, many USPS whistleblowers came out declaring that their manager asked them to backdate any ballots received after the election to November 3rd.

In other countries where mail in voting is more secure, all ballots throughout the country are required to be received by a particular time, the person has to hand in their ballot directly and with ID, a representative cannot hand in their vote for you, and specific requirements must be met before receiving a ballot.

5. Statistical Anomalies, most notable in swing states.

Here are some interesting swing state voting irregularities:

- Biden outperformed fellow democrat senators in swing states... while underperforming them in other states like VA, NH, RI. (This may indicate that a higher Biden count was planned and plated in swing states but not in states that Trump would have a commanding lead).

- Biden underperformed Hillary / Obama in cities except for those major cities in swing states (MI, PA, GA, WI).

- Biden mail-in dumps have 100% margins to Biden

- Republicans lose zero house races (this implies strong Republican support and therefore support to the President).

- There were 3,684,726 registered voters in Wisconsin on election day 2020. Total votes recorded in Wisconsin was 3,240,549. That's a turnout of 88% No state has ever achieved a turn out rate of 80% or higher from 2002 - 2018. That's a big red flag. A high voter turnout relative to registered voters is often noted in countries like North Korea and Venezuela, as it could (but not always) point to election fraud (as unused ballots are filled out precisely for a particular candidate).

The statistical case against Biden's win: For Wisconsin overall, the turnout was above 90% of registered voters. Even in a state with same-day registration, such a number seems implausible. In Australia, a place where voting is mandatory, and failing to vote is punishable with stiff fines, the total turnout for the most recent election was 92%. The fact that Biden outperformed Obama in many key areas simply does not seem credible.

Additionally, an unusual amount of mail-in ballots were found with only Joe Biden as the vote. Normally, when people vote, they may vote for others in the election - Senators, Representatives, Judges... but many reports have been found with only Joe Biden filled out, which is a bit suspect. Whether the poll workers "filled out" these ballots themselves after the election (the counting would take so long, and ballots were allowed to arrive after the election in some states, as well as backdated to Nov 3 by unscrupulous mail carriers) or they were harvested ballots, it's hard to tell without proper precautions and tracking during this 2020 Presidential election.

Sydney Powell, the attorney for Michael Flynn, claims her team has identified at least 450,000 ballots that voted only for Biden, leaving the rest of the ballot blank. Some of the number breakouts of people who voted ONLY for Joe Biden on their ballot:

- Pennsylvania: 98,000

- Georgia: 80-90,000

- Arizona: 42,000

- Michigan: 69-115,000

- Wisconsin: 62,836

These types of inconsistencies, when studied in clusters, can help paint a more clear picture that tells us that something was not quite right in this election.

4. Laws were broken. On the Mark Levin show on November 8, 2020, attorney Ken Starr explained that before the election, Philadelphia was trying to appeal and reject laws that would keep the polls safe, such as receiving ballots by election day and not after, allowing ballots to be accepted without valid signature or ID, etc. This relaxing of laws has the potential to result in massive, predetermined fraud. Why would they seek to relax the laws right before the election?

Republican Poll Watchers were denied access to the vote counts. Reports and video evidence shows Republican Poll Watchers denied access to the voting areas, even with valid identification and certification. Whitehouse Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany asked; "Why were Republican poll watchers systematically blocked from observing the vote count?" Reports showed that this occurred only in blue territories. In red Republican-dominated territories, both parties' poll watchers were allowed to watch the count. Aaron Carpenter reported that some 300,000 ballots in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were not inspected by a single Republican Poll Watcher.

Court Orders were not enforced. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in PA and received a court order to be allowed to enter to observe the count in Philadelphia but were denied meaningful access. When they were allowed to enter, the poll workers pushed the tables farther in to not allow them visuals of the count. In other areas, Democrat poll watchers cheered when Republican poll watchers were expelled from seeing the count. It is illegal to defy a court order, and under law, these votes counted without a Republican poll watcher should be invalidated.

Initial Supreme Court order to segregate ballots received after Election Day was ignored by Pennsylvania counties. Justice Alito had to issue a second court order to segregate and separately count these disputed ballots. When you don't enforce a court order, those votes counted that should not have been should be invalidated. The struggle is the burden of proof over how many actually arrived after Nov 3 which were backdated by unscrupulous USPS employees that should be separated.

The validity of at least 600,000 ballots is still in question in Pennsylvania alone, according to Rudy Giuliani of Trump's legal team.

3. Benford's Law. Benford's Law is a standard empirical method to detect voter fraud. This method has elucidated anomalies for Biden but not Trump in several cities such as Allegheny County, PA, Chicago, Detriot and many others.

Benford's Law indicates there is fraud, but it remains the burden of proof of the Trump campaign legal team to show exactly how and where this fraud is occurring, and what is the correct number of votes for each side (by eliminating the fraudulent ballots). Another way to deal with fraud if not specifically proven but the election results is cannot be sufficiently determined is to declare the area void (ideally would be a Supreme Court decision) and the election would move to House vote.

2. Software glitches that favored the Democrat candidates ran rampant through at least 6 states.

Dominion, the Canadian company that manufactures voting software and hardware that is used in all the currently contested states, has been found to be responsible in several cases for "glitches" that incorrectly awarded certain votes to Biden from Trump.

Michigan's Antrim County flipped to a win for Donald Trump after an election-software glitch was fixed. Revised totals now show that Trump won by an estimated 2,500 votes. The election software system in Michigan that switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden is called "Dominion." It is used in 30 states including Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia. The software has also been linked to the widespread fraud in Fuller County, GA, and is currently being investigated for its effect in other areas.

As of November 9, it was found that one of the system "glitches" in Wisconsin resulted in the reversal of 19,032 votes, removing the claim on WI from Joe Biden. If this preliminary reporting is true, after the "glitch" is corrected, Biden will only lead by about 1,000 votes. If further instances of voter fraud are found, the state may actually be awarded back to Trump.

The software's "glitches" affected not just the presidential race, but minor races as well. For example, when a computer "glitch" in Michigan reversed, a Republican was determined to win a House seat. The same occurrence happened in California, where a Republican won over a pre-crowned Democrat after the "glitch" was corrected. It's interesting to note that all of the "glitches" resulted in votes being awarded from Democrat to Republican.

Technology experts believe that "glitches" don't happen, and that software runs the way it is programmed to do. If that is the case, who or what programmed it, and why did all the vote switches only go one way?

On November 16, Sydney Powell noted that more than 100 employees of Dominion recently removed all affiliation with the company on LinkedIn, but not before 4chan archived them. What would cause them to do so if their company really had nothing to hide? LinkedIn still retains logs of activities and actions, which can be handed to court if requested. Of the 92 donations Dominion employees made in the last year, 80 went to Act Blue (the platform for the DNC to collect donations as opposed to the Republican "Win Red"), 7 to Bernie Sanders, 4 to the Trump campaign, and 1 to the DNC. Curious to see that election software had been provided by a company overwhelmingly Democrat-leaning.

Smartmatic, a subsidiary of Dominion, is a Venezuelan firm and multinational company that specialises in technology solutions for governments. The money for it came out of Venezuela and Cuba for the expressed purpose of being able to alter votes to secure the election for Hugo Chavez and then Nicholas Maduro. Smartmatic's Chairman is a member of the British House of Lords, Mark Malloch Brown, who according to the Washington Examiner, is a former Vice Chairman of George Soros Investment Funds & a former Vice President at the World Bank. It should also be noted that Peter Neffenger, the President of Smartmatic, was just placed on the Biden Transition team, according to Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson.

It may be a thing of conspiracy theories, but it is said that the CIA has used software like this to influence election results abroad by switching the vote. Ron Watkins (@CodeMonkeyZ), the former administrator of the internet board 8kun, stated that "for self-preservation purposes, I will not be talking about the (at least) two purported CIA election hacking tools that are rumored to have been deployed against our own general election. If the rumors are to be believed, then @realdonaldtrump is surely investigating the issue."

Sydney Powell has worked with military intelligence who tracked and confiscated the server in Germany, claims she has discovered the exact algorithm these machines used to retrieve and change votes. If the algorithm was not allowed to run, OAN reports that Trump would have won 410 electoral votes to Biden's 128, turning historically blue states like Minnesota and California red. This makes a lot of sense if you've been following the Trump rally numbers, with cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and Beverly hills with large Trump parades of several thousand people and Trump car trains stretching as long as 87 miles.

Jordan Schachtel reported: "Dominion has invested in damage control & is taking several steps to bolster its reputation. They have revamped their entire website in order to address "rumors" while actively scrubbing the internet of any mention of Coomer [One of their executives]. Clearly, they have hired a PR firm to do this work."

If what they were doing is legitimate, why is a PR firm scrubbing their site and employees hiding their association with them on LinkedIn? And why do the "glitches" only go one way?

1 Media and Big Tech censorship of any questioning or dissenting thought.

It's curious to note that with all of this voting fraud evidence, the mainstream media not only refuses to meaningfully cover it, but also shuts down anyone who tries to question it. Here are some examples:

Prominent pollster Richard Baris (the Peoples' Pundit Daily) his wife, and company twitter accounts were disabled by Twitter when he started to post evidence analysing anomalies in the numbers.

According to Newsmax, Fox News canceled and suspended an episode of Justice with Judge Jeanine due to her defense of President Trump and her "attempt to expose voter fraud."

Jordan Schachtel tweeted: "Twitter appears to be deliberately blocking searches for Eric Coomer, an executive at Dominion Voting Systems. A journalist was suspended by [Twitter] for surfacing alleged Facebook posts showing Coomer was an Antifa supporter and that he appeared to be calling for violence against President Trump."

It's always very suspicious and a step to the dark side when people in a free country do not feel safe to have an honest discussion or question certain details as important as a US election. And it always has a totalitarian feel when people with certain views are censored for valid thoughts and analysis. What's incredibly scary is the blatent propaganda Twitter places on every Trump tweet explaining that voter fraud is rare, and that "official sources" claim Joe Biden is the winner even if legally he is not, lawsuits are outstanding, and the states have not certified the election yet. And it's always extremely suspicious when the public is gaslighted into believing a narrative that is obviously not true. And that, to me, is the most damning detail pointing to an extremely compromised 2020 Election.

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