9/11: Remembering We are the UNITED States

September 11, 2001.

8:46 am...9:03 am...9:37 am...and 10:03 am.

This is the date and these are the times that changed the United States forever. The Greatest City in the Greatest Country on Earth was attacked, and in the aftermath, we showed why we have the right to both of those titles.

We weren't Democrats and Republicans any more. We weren't rich or poor. We weren't White, Black, Latino-, Asian-, Native-. Hindu- or any other kind of unnecessary hyphenation. We were simply Americans, and that was enough.

First responders ran into the flames and darkness of Hell to save whomever they could. Ordinary citizens pulled strangers out of the rubble. And in a field in Pennsylvania, a group of passengers heroically sacrificed themselves to prevent further destruction.

During election season, it can be far too easy to vilify the other side and to focus on what makes us different instead of what makes us all the same. At the end of the day, we are still ONE Nation Under God.

Because we promised to "Never Forget", let's all pause to look at some of the unforgettable images that day highlighting what it truly means to be an American.

First Responders

"I shall sell my life dearly to my enemy fire, but give it freely to rescue those in peril."

~ from the New York Firefighter's Creed

Ordinary Citizens

The Strength of America


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