Alex Soros, Son of Satan: Why the Son of George Soros is the Newest Danger to the US

George Soros may be in his 90s and close to "retiring" but his legacy is alive and well in his son, Alexander Soros. What exactly do we know about this man? Despite being the son of the elite globalist multibillionaire, Alex Soros insists on having a "Ph.D" next to his name on Instagram and Twitter, signaling that there's yet another leftist "doctor" in the house. But while he's not having models come to his summer home in the Hamptons, or eating lobster & sipping rose' on his pool floatie, he also is an avid follower in his father's footsteps of progressive "philanthropy" and activism.

Alex Soros is Deputy Chairman of The Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, which operates in 120 countries seeking "economic equity and justice", human rights influencing early and higher education, and justice reform, among other things. Alex is founder of The Alexander Soros Foundation, set up to promote social justice and human rights, very similar in goal to his father's. He also has ties to similar organizations like the Central European University, which was banned from his family hometown of Budapest, Hungary (Hungary has banned the Soros family after they bankrupted the country through manipulation of political organizations & forced toxic progressive ideology on the people much like he is doing in the United States right now), and the EJI (Equal Justice Initiative).

Alex also appears to be fond of writing opinion articles and "op-eds" about how people who criticise his family are white supremacists and anti-semites and he's quite obsessed with how much he hates Donald Trump. Alex, in a recent NBC op-ed THINK, wrote, “My father, George Soros, is white supremacist’s favorite target. But they won’t stop us.” In his article, he shared his opinions that, “Mass protests being blamed on Jews is textbook white supremacy.”

Is it now? Are the protests really protests, or are they riots, and are they being blamed on Jews or Black Lives Matter / Antifa? And what are you funding anyway, Alex?

Below are 3 of Alex's most famous "Opinion" articles, spreading the disinformation of systemic racism, and falsely linking Donald Trump or anyone who criticises Soros to "white supremacy" or "antisemitism".

What's interesting to note is despite his PhD, his writings seem to all be opinions, rather than factual. In essence, he is using his own perspective of how the world should be to influence the thoughts of others using virtue signalling, identity politics, and divisive, shaming and emotional language to get people to hate the opposition and donate money to his cause of global control.

He seems to live by the same philosophy on activism and social justice has his father:

“My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people. This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.” - George Soros

It's almost as if he were saying that because he is rich, he has a moral obligation to create the world in his image and perspective of how it should be, and his perspective is the only and right one. It doesn't seem to give other people much say in whether it will work for them or not, or any consideration of alternate points of view (in fact, he vilifies them).

The Strategy

Before we go more into just what Alex Soros wants for this world, let's take a look at how the Rothschilds family gained political and global power and how they made world leaders indebted to their agendas to remake the world in their own image. This will serve as a metaphor to how the Soros family use their influence.

First, a disclaimer: We do not know what religion the Rothschilds are nor do we care. Same goes for the Soros family: we do not care & it doesn't matter. We are exposing these families not because of their religion, but because they are powerful and bad people who wish to force their "woke social justice" ideologies on people, and because these ideologies are divisive, ignorant, and create much less freedom and opportunity for people. Their ideologies are about power, control, gaslighting and manipulation, rather than true social justice.