Alex Soros, Son of Satan: Why the Son of George Soros is the Newest Danger to the US

George Soros may be in his 90s and close to "retiring" but his legacy is alive and well in his son, Alexander Soros. What exactly do we know about this man? Despite being the son of the elite globalist multibillionaire, Alex Soros insists on having a "Ph.D" next to his name on Instagram and Twitter, signaling that there's yet another leftist "doctor" in the house. But while he's not having models come to his summer home in the Hamptons, or eating lobster & sipping rose' on his pool floatie, he also is an avid follower in his father's footsteps of progressive "philanthropy" and activism.

Alex Soros is Deputy Chairman of The Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, which operates in 120 countries seeking "economic equity and justice", human rights influencing early and higher education, and justice reform, among other things. Alex is founder of The Alexander Soros Foundation, set up to promote social justice and human rights, very similar in goal to his father's. He also has ties to similar organizations like the Central European University, which was banned from his family hometown of Budapest, Hungary (Hungary has banned the Soros family after they bankrupted the country through manipulation of political organizations & forced toxic progressive ideology on the people much like he is doing in the United States right now), and the EJI (Equal Justice Initiative).

Alex also appears to be fond of writing opinion articles and "op-eds" about how people who criticise his family are white supremacists and anti-semites and he's quite obsessed with how much he hates Donald Trump. Alex, in a recent NBC op-ed THINK, wrote, “My father, George Soros, is white supremacist’s favorite target. But they won’t stop us.” In his article, he shared his opinions that, “Mass protests being blamed on Jews is textbook white supremacy.”

Is it now? Are the protests really protests, or are they riots, and are they being blamed on Jews or Black Lives Matter / Antifa? And what are you funding anyway, Alex?

Below are 3 of Alex's most famous "Opinion" articles, spreading the disinformation of systemic racism, and falsely linking Donald Trump or anyone who criticises Soros to "white supremacy" or "antisemitism".

What's interesting to note is despite his PhD, his writings seem to all be opinions, rather than factual. In essence, he is using his own perspective of how the world should be to influence the thoughts of others using virtue signalling, identity politics, and divisive, shaming and emotional language to get people to hate the opposition and donate money to his cause of global control.

He seems to live by the same philosophy on activism and social justice has his father:

“My success in the financial markets has given me a greater degree of independence than most other people. This allows me to take a stand on controversial issues: In fact, it obliges me to do so because others cannot.” - George Soros

It's almost as if he were saying that because he is rich, he has a moral obligation to create the world in his image and perspective of how it should be, and his perspective is the only and right one. It doesn't seem to give other people much say in whether it will work for them or not, or any consideration of alternate points of view (in fact, he vilifies them).

The Strategy

Before we go more into just what Alex Soros wants for this world, let's take a look at how the Rothschilds family gained political and global power and how they made world leaders indebted to their agendas to remake the world in their own image. This will serve as a metaphor to how the Soros family use their influence.

First, a disclaimer: We do not know what religion the Rothschilds are nor do we care. Same goes for the Soros family: we do not care & it doesn't matter. We are exposing these families not because of their religion, but because they are powerful and bad people who wish to force their "woke social justice" ideologies on people, and because these ideologies are divisive, ignorant, and create much less freedom and opportunity for people. Their ideologies are about power, control, gaslighting and manipulation, rather than true social justice.

Much of the information in the public domain about the Rothschilds and Soros family is too biased to be useful (yes being a "philanthropist" and wanting "human rights" sounds great!), and anyone who tries to critique them is shut down as an "anti semite", "white supremacist" or "conspiracy theorist." However, the books "The Rise of the House of Rothschild" and "The Reign of the House of Rothchild" provides insight into how they got their power: the entire family separated into many countries, where each of the sons used to lend money to powerful royal families & nobles, and in return for that money, they were used to provide favours to further their agendas:

  • Mayer Rothschild learned how to make great money by lending to nobles, by German Prince William, ruler of Hanau

  • Solomon Rothschild gained influence in Austria by lending to the Austrian monarchy. In time, the Rothschilds would become the Austrian monarchy's primary source of capital.

  • Carl Rothschild gained influence with several ruling families in Italy, and made loans to King Ferdinand IV, the Dukes of Parma and Tuscany, and the Vatican

  • Nathan Rothschild gained influence in England from stock market trades. When he received news of Napoleon's defeat before anyone else, he made favorable trades on the London stock exchanges, and from there used the profits to lend to British nobility

  • James Rothschilds' influence in France -- where he partnered with Nathan Rothchild to employ a "disinformation campaign" to French authorities on Britain's intentions. James also rose in favour with the French aristocracy and brokered loans to French Nobles.

In effect, they also preyed on using social unrest, wars and other adverse geopolitical events as opportunities to force the hands of global leaders even more (in the most gentlemanly way of course, to make them realize they WANT to do it). Wartime transactions were carried out by private banking firms such as the Rothschilds'. Although they may not have singlehandedly caused these adverse geopolitical events, they certainly knew how to use them to their advantage.

The Rothschilds valued secrecy, and often kept 2 sets of books: one for government officials, and one was seen only by male members of the family. It is also to be noted that as acts of philanthropy, the Rothschilds donated a large portion of art to worldwide public museums and has been closely associated with the British Red Cross.

So the strategy of the most elite globalists of history often included the following approach:

  1. manipulation of political leaders and nobility by entangling in their affairs (knowing that RECIPROCITY is one of the strongest forces in human nature: if you give me something, I have an unconscious drive to give you something back, especially when my hand is forced or my power is threatened),

  2. manipulating the spread of information & news media

  3. taking advantage of the uncertainty caused by adverse geopolitical events.

The Soros family has been no exception, especially with the global pandemic taking place, their silent influence on the news media (some FOX News anchors are forbidden from airing anything discussing George Soros in a negative light) and the systematic manipulation of national elections to serve his progressive goals (see my article on George Soros: ).

What Alex Soros Wants

Based on his own opinion publications, writings and direct postings on social media, it's clear that Alex Soros goals are almost identical to his father's and just as detrimental:

  • One of his main goals is voting Donald J Trump out of office. He believes Trump to be a white supremacist, dangerous, and the absolute antithesis of any of his progressive policies. He's obsessed with hating Donald Trump.

  • He believes Republicans are the enemy (except the wife of John McCain, which should tell you something).

He wants a progressive, radical left Democrat takeover of the Senate, the Presidency and liberal, activist judges on the Supreme Court that he can depend on to pass his socialist, progressive agenda. Republicans are persona non grata. ******** These are not the actions of someone who supports democracy, or a healthy checks and balance system. These are the actions of someone who wants world domination and to crush any dissenting thought. He essentially wants progressive control of all 3 branches of government, so that his radical, progressive agendas can be passed with the greatest speed. --> He wants to redesign the United States in his own image, which is contrary to what the Founding Fathers laid out in the Constitution. ********

  • Criminal justice reform, which includes policies to “end mass incarceration, excessive punishment and racial inequality.” Alex Soros is often seen linked with the EJI (Equal Justice Initiative) which promotes the same. The problem with this is that their view of "social justice" and "racial inequality" is based on a completely inaccurate story of the United States and the rest of the developed world: That it's systemically racist, policing is racist, ICE and other punishments are racist and there to keep the nonwhite man down, and all white people (except them) must "check their privilege" and eliminate policing, and prisons so that everyone, even murders, can roam free. The goal is no prisons, no police: that's racial equality, for some reason, even though it doesn't make any sense...

Alex, like his father, believes that the policing and criminal justice system is "racist" because "black lives matter." Whatever that means. He uses "woke" language like "reimagine policing" & "end mass incarceration" without realising that police are what protect minority neighborhoods from high crime. The police in most of these neighborhoods also tend to match the race of these neighborhoods, making the idea that policing is racist ridiculous and false. Alex erroneously believe that mass incarceration promotes racial inequity. This simply does not make any sense, because people who are in prisons are those that have committed a crime. If there is corruption afoot, it's not because of the system, it's because of the (perhaps) racist people involved or corrupt people not using the justice system as it's designed to be used. It's designed to keep criminals off the street so that law abiding citizens can feel safe. Alex Soros has completely distorted this view.

We can also see through his father's latest political race interference of injecting $2MM in the Los Angeles District Attorney race to support the winner, George Gascon, who immediately revoked all sentencing increases, effectively letting free murders who were supposed to serve life in prison. His rationale was that "you voted for me and this is what I said I'd do" (because Soros' heavy funding only allowed one candidate to be adequately seen in advertising) and that it costs less money in prisons to have these murderers locked up when they could be out in the world, free. It's also racist to keep them locked up, because many of these prisoners appear to be non-white, apparently.

  • Gender equality - a large part of the progressive agenda is acceptance of all different types of genders, from no gender, to gender fluid, to being a mermaid king-queen (see Democratic National Convention of 2020). While Gender equality, as well as racial equality, are very noble causes, their definition of those issues are very distorted. Likely this does not mean making sure all genders (male, and female -- even if you are a male that identifies as a female) are treated just the same. This seems to tie to a recent bill sent to the President that called for $25MM in aid to Pakistan for "Gender Studies" which probably means US funding for people in other countries to change genders with a snap of the fingers and to bully others to accept there being as many genders as there are stars in the sky. Again, the radical, progressive "story" is that everyone around the world, including kids should be able to change genders and American taxpayers must shut up and pay for it, or else you're racist, sexist, homophobic or literally Hitler!

These are the main goals of Alex Soros' progressive and radical agenda. These goals are divisive and do not take into consideration the true needs of the people, only his narcissistic, egoistic agenda. These are the actions of someone who cannot see past identity politics and judges and manipulates people into believing his narcissistic view of the world as he sits comfortably in his huge estate. He has not evolved to understand that people may hate him because he’s a bad person, not because he is Jewish. Perhaps people don’t care what religion he is.

How He Does It

Like the Rothschilds, his father, and any globalist elite in the world, Alex advances his radical and progressive agenda by enmeshing himself with political leaders worldwide:

You can see by the highlighted captions how he meets with them to further his agenda of "gender equality" and "criminal justice reform" and "racial equality", all distorted perceptions on what those words actually mean from the lenses of a very one-sided and privileged life.

He also endears himself to powerful Democrats in the US who support his radical agenda. Here is just a snippet of examples (some of the worst and most radical Democrats ever):

Check out the comments where I highlight how he seems to always gratuitously throw a jab towards Donald Trump, blaming him for some things and assuming that removal of him from office is the key to everything. From all his comments, it really does seem like he's obsessed with Donald Trump. If you're really focused on your goal, you would be too busy to criticise another person unless you were afraid that they actually had power over you.

At this time, I believe he is just making contacts and building rapport. But there will be a time when he will need to step up to run his father's evil empire and that is when I believe favours will be called in to advance radical left agendas. His goal is to remain so entangled with today's royalty (e.g. politicians & celebrities) that they become so dependent on him that they must carry out his agenda. Unfortunately he has the money to make them dependent.

While the royalty of yesteryear lived on loans from the Rothschilds, the political royalty of today receive PAC donations from his family's "charities" and also seem to be involved in many deals that heavily increase their net worth, such as Joe Biden and Hunter Biden's business deals with Ukraine and China, allowing Joe Biden to purchase yet another waterfront property even though he says he believes in global warming, and Nancy Pelosi being worth $100MM even though her yearly salary is around $225,000. It is likely the foundations and PACs either directly or indirectly involved with Alex Soros would become active in making hefty donations to radical left political candidates just as soon as George leaves the marketplace. Right now, Alex seems to be keeping the relationships warm.

Alex Soros' Limitations

Although Alex Soros can seem like a formidable foe, he is not as scary as he seems to be. No matter how “woke” he appears, he actually has a lot of waking up to do. You, the Patriot, have just as much power as he does, if you see his limitations below. And in the next section, I'll tell you the actions YOU can take to neutralize the Soros influence:

  • He categorizes attacks on him and his family as "white supremacy" or “anti Semitism”. He does not understand that people actually hate him because he’s a bad person, not because he’s Jewish. He lacks the empathy and emotional maturity to understand this.

  • He exclusively hates Donald Trump, and blames him for all that is bad in the world. His belief that Donald Trump is a white supremacist is patently false, because Trump has condemned white supremacy, the KKK, David Duke and racism almost every month of his presidency, yet Alex does not know this, because he probably prefers to eat lobster and sip rose in his pool rather than do any research. In reality, Alex probably fears DJT because he is the most powerful person who can put a huge wrench in his radical progressive agenda; Donald Trump can't be bought.

  • Alex appears to only write opinion articles; nothing is based on fact. These articles are always about his distorted perception of reality. Everything is in accordance to his own opinion of a perfect world, which is in fact, the most narcissistic and egotistical way of living: to make the entire world succumb to what you think is best for it simply because you are rich and have the money to do so. He does not have the emotional, empathic or intellectual capacity to see another view contrary to his globalist one.

  • While he probably lambasts others for their "privilege", thinking he's championing the rights of others, he's actually not seeing his own privilege and how his actions send the subconscious message that he is better than everyone else he's trying to help, who needs to be "saved." He is NOT our saviour. Everyone needs to evolve at their own pace. You can't force people to believe what you believe, or to do what you think is right. He will never understand this, because if he did, he would stop doing what he's doing immediately, because he will see how much it actually hurts and retards our natural evolution.

  • He exclusively hates the Republican party, without realizing how judgmental, bigoted and divisive that is, although he thinks he promotes unity.

How can you pretend to be intelligent or even morally superior if you reject someone solely on their political party rather than getting to know them and what they stand for? Isn't that the same as hating someone simply by another identity they have? Looks like they missed this lesson wherever he got his PhD.

  • He’s filthy rich and invites models to his home, yet he does not contribute directly to underprivileged peoples. He contributes to his charities, which promote his own view of equality (a distorted one) and hence only helps people who think like him, which are mostly white globalist elitists.

What You Can Do To Stop This

Conservatives need to start taking a long term and integrated approach to influencing society and counteracting the effects of liberal indoctrination. Most conservatives have been spending their lives building their own business and making sure they are successful. It's time to step up in the evolutionary scale and start thinking about promoting real liberal values (free speech, small government, prosperity, freedom to life liberty & the pursuit of happiness) to the community, because for the last 20 or so years, radical left agendas have been promoted in the news, our education system and now social media.

Here's what you can do to stop globalist agendas like those promoted by Alex Soros:

  1. Educate yourself on American History, the Constitution so you know what policies are unconstitutional and you know your rights, why they are there, and how to protect them. Most people understand the Bill of Rights and surface things about how the legislative , judicial and executive branches work, but many don't know the big picture, why it's designed that way, and why it's important. Knowing why it's important will help you understand what policies need to be protected, and what candidates need to be elected (instead of blindly voting by party, as most Americans do).

  2. Infiltrate the education system with conservative values. Literally take the playbook from leftists and get in schools with some PragerU, Candace Owens, etc.

  3. Empower your kids to think for themselves and question what they've been learning in schools. Ask them why they believe certain things and how they relate to the system as a whole. Encourage systemic thinking, but never force ideas.

  4. Run for office, but only if you are well informed about civics and the Constitution. It's obvious that most congresspeople are significantly less informed and think much less than one of us. I mean, how is Nancy Pelosi still there???How did AOC get there?? We need to make sure people have strong conservatives to vote for and a long pipeline of them. So get rich or find a rich friend and use that money to campaign.

  5. If you are wealthy, buy a news station or newspaper and make it conservative. We see Jeff Bezos and fam buying all the online news publications and turning them liberal. We need more conservative content. CNN is up for grabs and would be a great investment if you're conservative and rich. An investment in CNN would be worth so much more than an individual investment, because if you buy a media outlet, you will be influencing generations to come... we have to think long term and communal now, not just about ourselves.

What else can you think of to turn the tide of society back to real & healthy conservative values so that we all can evolve organically and be the best we can be? Comment below & connect with other conservatives & free thinkers!


Alex Soros' IG and Twitter pages

“The Great Awakening” by Dave Hayes

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