Censorship & Suppression Has Arrived in America

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

People will never truly understand censorship until they have experienced it personally. People will never truly understand how the media has been lying to them until they personally uncover the truth.

The Great Awakening The first time my eyes were opened happened in May 2020. I heard stories of President Trump telling people to drink bleach and that he mocked a disabled reporter, and that he threw tear gas at citizens. Then I started watching the full press conferences he put on and I realized he was a very logical and rational person and almost everything the media put out was blatant lies. I saw footage of many times Trump had made the same hand signals and the same voice as what he did with the disabled reporter over the course of time in his past, and I realized that this was something he did regularly. It had nothing to do with the disabled reporter. If they could lie about this, what else could they lie about? I signed up for his press conferences and white house emails because I felt sorry for him. After all, I was bullied growing up. And the more I followed him, the more I realized the media was blatantly lying to us, and censoring any opposing voices. At first, I didn't think it was such a big deal. Until I started speaking out and using my voice on social media to show opposing views to show how the narrative was misleading - and although the media and politicians will try to claim you have the misinformation, that you are racist, that you are sexist and a white supremacist, it is actually them themselves who are all those things. Censorship Doesn't Hurt Until It Happens To You I didn't come from a communist country, so I did not feel the pain of censorship or even think it could ever happen to us. But my friends who did were constantly warning me of it. Sometimes you have to experience these things for it to be real. I saw my social media accounts stripped of their ability to post and comment. I saw my followers mysteriously dwindle in seconds. I saw my posts go from hundreds of likes to 2. I saw my conservative friends get "Zucked" as they call it - an expression to explain the idea that Mark Zuckerberg & his Fascistbook cronies decide to massacre thousands of accounts that don't fit the narrative. I saw friends' business and personal accounts with thousands of followers suddenly disappear for posting other information that hurt the progressive Democrat narrative. I saw "fact check" labels come up on my posts on technical issues like labeling a satire comic untrue or "does not tell the whole story". Well, does any post ever tell the whole story? Who controls the story anyway? I saw thousands of accounts that reported true information suddenly disappear. And I saw millions of accounts with lies about Donald Trump remain up. I saw accounts like Prager U censored for providing "dangerous information". Well, I checked out the account, and the only dangerous information it presented was logic that went against the progressive narrative. It was a conservative view that was not allowed to creep into the mind of the mainstream. Candace Owens, a black conservative, was vilified and suppressed for reporting other information surrounding the George Floyd case, such as his history of violent crime and how he was completely high on many drugs, was resisting arrest, and had a lethal amount of fentanyl in his system at the time of his death (reports have stated that the cause of death was this drug overdose). I'm not saying what the police did was not wrong, but the issue here is that not all the information was presented, and a completely different narrative was presented. When other information came out that challenged the narrative, especially by people of color, it was suppressed. Something fishy was certainly afoot.

On the QAnon Movement

The QAnon Movement is one of the most heavily censored items on the internet, and I wanted to know why. I saw big tech and the media portray QAnon theories as "dangerous far-right conspiracies" but when I checked out the sites directly which aggregated the Q drops (without reading the news), I saw it was simply posts (or "drops") asking you to research certain things relevant to society & politics today. Things the media were not telling you. It was exposing how the political elites use the media, big tech, colleges, and left-wing anarchist organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa to control a certain narrative they want you to hear. Q told us to follow the money on these organizations... who funds them? How are they connected? Follow the money to uncover corruption.

Although I still think some of those things asserted by followers of the movement are a bit of a stretch, fanciful & even misguided (the idea is to do your research and come up with that conclusion yourself) I learned a lot about politics from Q. The ideas are presented with sources and factual information. I dismissed the more fanciful assumptions from followers of the movement out of hand, but I did learn a lot about the secret ways power moves within government and how political elites use entities to hide their corruption.

For instance, I still wonder why BLM and Antifa rioters were not being arrested or investigated. Oh yes, partly because of soft on crime progressive District Attorneys funded by leftist billionaire "philanthropists" of course. And how leftist leaders tell the police to stand down on rioters, so they are allowed to continue to loot and burn. Why wasn't anyone mainstream reporting on how organized these acts of domestic terror were? Why did the FBI sit on Hunter Biden's laptop for a year without taking action until now? Who really controls the media? How do legacy politicians make millions on a senator's salary (must be around $200,000 a year)? These are some questions Q asks us to research. Why do they censor QAnon so much? What are they afraid of? Are they all in it together? Follow the money. He who controls the narrative controls the world.

NY Post Story on Hunter Biden

The tide certainly changed when Twitter and Facebook decided to censor and suppress the NY Post story which reported on the emails in Hunter Biden's laptop exposing the corruption of the Biden family, and how Joe Biden profited from deals via his connection to the White House while he was still vice president. The emails, verified by Senate committee, FBI, DOJ and independent whistle blower Tony Bobulinski. This was the time the censorship finally went mainstream, and regular people who tried to share the article were prevented, the President's Press Secretary was locked out of her account, as well as many prominent conservative voices.

On the TV, for many days, we did not hear a single story of this except from some anchors in FOX News like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity. Not a peep from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC... a few seconds at most. In reality, they were dismissing the completely factual information as "Russian disinformation."

On the one hand, we could not see anything they deemed "disinformation" from their side, but on the other hand, they were actively promoting their own disinformation.

As of the time of writing this, November 2, 2020, I received a message from the Trump Campaign that the Democrats are planning to delegitimize this election by calling the red wave of Trump voters eclipsing the election on Election Day, November 3, as a "RED MIRAGE." This is the new narrative they will be pushing out on Election Day. Let's monitor this with our eyes open. We need to see an experience the lies personally for it finally to ring true to us.

My Invitation to You I invite everyone reading this - if you are comfortable - to do a little social experiment for yourself. Below are bites of the current narrative being pushed out to us. I challenge any of you to begin to post facts contrary to these narratives and see what happens. Are you censored? How are you censored? Are you "fact-checked"? Are you losing friends? Are you becoming the victim of vitriol and hatred? Current Narrative (as of November 2, 2020):

  • COVID is particularly scary right now

  • Further lockdowns are good and to be expected

  • Vote for Biden

  • Trump is racist, sexist, xenophobic, a Dictator

  • White supremacists are the ones responsible for the violence we see, not BLM

  • America is inherently racist, and its systems are racist

  • The extreme right has been rioting as much as the extreme left

  • Hunter Biden's laptop and Joe Biden's involvement is Russian disinformation

  • Anyone who goes against this narrative is evil, fascist, racist, etc

If you are comfortable undertaking this risky experiment, start posting contra to this narrative on your social media accounts, and comment down below what you've experienced.

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