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Why We Support Donald Trump --And You Should Too (Even if You Don’t Like Him)

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

You hear it all the time and it’s all over your social media feed:

I can’t stand Donald Trump! I just don’t like him!”

While it is certainly within your rights to dislike a political figure, there is one very important question that must be asked about your feelings toward President Trump:


What in the world do your “feelings” have to do with participating in the democratic process of electing the next leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. That is an AWESOME responsibility, one that requires study, reflection, knowledge of the issues, an understanding of the candidates’ positions on important issues, and an appreciation for history.


After all, there are a lot of things affected by your vote that don’t care about your feelings -- the economy, the unemployment rate, your health care, terrorism, foreign interests, and your Constitutional rights -- just to name a very few.

Do you think that the drug cartels who smuggle billions of dollars of illicit drugs across our borders ever stop to consider what you might think about it? How about the jihadi terrorists who have been indoctrinated since birth to hate you and who think that murdering you is their ticket to Paradise?

No, all of these things are real problems that need to be fixed, not just talked about. We should elect our government officials based on their ability to get things done, not on whether or not we “like” them.

Think of it in terms of your own everyday life. If you had a major plumbing issue, do you want the nice, neat, polite corporate “drainage specialist” who diagnoses your problem over the phone, reassures you he can help, shows up sometime two weeks from now, but can never seem to quite figure it all out until you have thrown way more money at the problem than you were promised in the estimate?

Or do you want the old-school plumber who comes over TODAY in his old beat-up pickup truck, brings his tools in, gets to work right away, and gets his hands dirty while he unclogs your toilet or fixes the leak that was flooding your kitchen?

If he got the job done, does it REALLY matter that he showed up in stained coveralls instead of a pressed white shirt or that he cussed while he was working? Did you hire him to invite him over for dinner, or did you call him to tackle a dirty job that you couldn’t do yourself?

It’s the same thing with President Donald Trump.

SO WHAT if he’s been accused of being crass, or that he doesn’t always take the time to be politically correct when he’s dealing with an opponent? That actually shows what kind of leader he is -- he confronts a problem rather than avoids it. And if he’s attacked, like he’s been every single day since he announced his candidacy, he fights back.

But here’s the thing -- there;s more going on there than you might think. When Trump pushes back, it’s for a reason. He keeps his political rivals off-balance, and while they are so busy focusing on what he says and how he says it, they completely miss what he’s doing.

That’s why he was able to shock the world in 2016. The political establishment underestimated him by calling him a buffoon...a clown...a con man. But in the end, because he is none of those things, he was the last one standing.

Trump has also been able to overcome a strong left-leaning media. When almost every story is slanted to constantly belittle and criticize his every move and paint him in the harshest possible light, he won’t have it. He does an end-around the biased talking heads and misleading headlines and takes his message directly to the American people.

The President has found a way to engage with voters by tweeting his thoughts, good and bad whenever the mood strikes him. It’s raw and honest in a way no other American politician has ever been before. Because at his core, Trump is NOT a politician.

And most of the mainstream media hates him for it. This is why so many so-called “journalists” no longer simply report the facts so you can make up your own mind. No, instead they give their interpretation of the facts in such a manner as to shape your opinion for you.

That’s not reporting, that’s editorializing. And Trump’s tweets thwarts their agenda every time. No, it isn’t always pretty, but it is effective. Like it or not, you always know where our President stands. And in today’s climate of appeasement and double-talk, it’s also refreshing.

He’s carried that same fighter’s get-it-done outlook into his other political goals:

  • Creating jobs

  • Lowering unemployment

  • Increasing domestic oil production

  • Securing the border

  • Defeating ISIS

  • Stimulating the economy

  • Prison reform

  • Reshaping unequal trade agreements

Imagine how much this administration could accomplish if it wasn’t constantly being harangued by the Left...if the other side worked in cooperation, rather than opposition?

Now, with timing that is suspiciously convenient for one of those countries who lost its advantageous position over the US when the previous trade deal was restructured, we as a nation are facing a threat from the Chinese coronavirus. And whether the threat is as bad as the doomsayers trumpet, the panic is completely media-generated, it’s part of a conspiracy, or some combination of all three, the effect it is having on American society is staggering.

To combat this threat to our way of life, we need a President who knows how to fight, not capitulate to foreign interests. As Trump said, not inaccurately, a “wartime president”. Make no mistake about it, we ARE at war, possibly on multiple fronts. It behooves us to keep in mind the old adage about the folly of changing horses midstream.

But even more than that, we have to keep this in mind -- wars can get ugly.

We need a decisive leader who can make the hard choices. President Trump has been highly visible and reassuring as he communicates with the public daily. Contrary to biased reports, his administration took the correct steps at the very first reports of a problem in the Wuhan district, with a rapidity that has drawn praise from both sides of the political aisle. This means we can have confidence moving forward that our citizens, our economy, and our culture will be protected.

And if there is any credence whatsoever to the suggestions that this crisis is an attempt to influence the election or disrupt the stability of our country, we need a President who is not afraid to get his political hands dirty while he holds those agents responsible. Donald Trump, the non-politician, has proven that he IS that kind of leader.

Remember, there is a precedent for eschewing political correctness and peacetime niceties when there is a threat to American interests. General George Patton was as legendary for his coarse language when speaking to his troops as he was for inspiring them to do extraordinary things while doing their duty. This offended some, including his superiors.

But General Patton knew when to be a gentleman, and when to be a warrior. About his choice of words, Patton said:

When I want my men to remember something important, to really make it stick, I give it to them double dirty. It may not sound nice to a bunch of little old ladies, at an afternoon tea party, but it helps my soldiers to remember. You can't run an army without profanity, and it has to be eloquent profanity. An army without profanity couldn't fight its way out of a piss-soaked paper bag."

Now, as then, America doesn’t need nice words. We need leadership that gets results.

And for that, we continue to need President Donald Trump.

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